Should college tuition be free?

Should college tuition be free?

The debate can be streamed on WVUT (here).

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Kendra Clauser

Kendra Clauser is an assistant professor of theatre at Vincennes University. She also teaches speech for the Communications Program. Prior to VU, she taught for IUPUI, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne and Northrop High School (Fort Wayne). In addition to teaching, she has served as a project coordinator for several teacher training grants, including a Teaching American History project, and as an oral historian. While working in Indianapolis, she served on several boards including the Indiana Council for History Education, History Educators Network of Indiana and League of Women Voters. For LWV she was the co-chair for the 2011 study on the role of federal government in education. She earned her MA in Public History and Master’s Certificate in Museum Studies at IUPUI in addition to her BA in theatre and her Secondary Education Certificate from IPFW.


Curt Coffman

Curt Coffman is an Associate Professor and Department Chair of the Vincennes University Biology Department.  He is in his 11th year at VU and has taught in community colleges for 21 years.  He spent 7 years in the California Community College system, which was created with the intent of providing free tuition and ranged from $12 - $24 a credit hour during his time there.  Curt is an award-winning educator and believes that students can be motivated regardless of the financial cost.  He is also a big fan of free things like DQ's free cone day, Ben & Jerry's free cone day, BOGO's for DQ blizzards, and, of course, free Grand Slam day at Denny's.  Sometimes he will even score free Colts tickets!

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Garrett Dickerson

Garrett Dickerson is a 21-year-old student at VU. Originally from Indianapolis, IN, he is currently working towards his baccalaureate degree in information technology. He received an associate's degree in business management from VU in May of 2015.


Willow Williams

Willow Williams is a second-year student at VU. She will graduate in May with an Associate's degree in psychology and plans to continue her education at USI in the fall. In her time at VU, she has been involved in the Honors Program and the Social Work Club, and she is currently the president of the Psychology Club. In addition, she works as a research assistant in VU's Center for Research and Learning. Williow's future plans are to obtain a Master's degree and become a professor.

Should faculty carry firearms?

Should faculty carry concealed weapons?

The debate can be streamed on WVUT (here)

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Gary May

Gary May is Ermeritus Associate Professor of Social Work from USI after teaching there for 22 years. Previously he worked in veterans affairs, disability advocacy, and civil rights. He was called upon several times to testify against the so-called "Flag Protection Amendment" when Congress was considering it. He remains an advocate for various social justice issues.

Gary holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from University of Evansville and a Master of Science in Social Work from the University of Tennessee. He is a combat disabled Marine veteran of the U.S. war in Vietnam.


William Gollmitzer

Professor Bill Gollmitzer is in his second year at Vincennes University where he teaches Law Enforcement and Homeland Security courses. He was recently appointed the VU Law Enforcement program chair. Bill earned an A.S. in Law Enforcement from VU in 1981, beginning his 31 year law enforcement career that has included work as a military policeman, accident investigator, criminal investigator for the U.S. Marine Corps, a police officer for the city of Shreveport, LA, and a supervisor for the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office. Additionally, Bill has a B.A. in criminal justice administration from Wiley College and an M.S. in criminal justice leadership and management from Sam Houston State University. While teaching at VU, Bill also visited the FBI's 259th National Academy Class at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. He now lives in Vincennes with his wife Kathy.

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Todd Schroer

Dr. Todd J. Schroer is Chair of the Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice Studies department at the University of Southern Indiana.  He has researched the White Racialist Movement since the early 1990s, and the Pro-Pedophilia Movement for over a decade.  His publications and presentations have focused on the usage of music and the Internet by social movements, and the creation, maintenance, and negotiation of deviant identities.


Lou Caprino

Professor Lou Caprino has served as the Director of the Vincennes University Homeland Security program since 2007. Prior to that he was as distinguished member of the FBI for 29 years. During his time with the FBI he served as on-scene commander in Los Angeles in charge of FBI resources and personnel at many high profile events; he was involved in many investigations of organized crime; he served overseas as FBI Legal Attache in countries like Australia and New Zealand; and he received extensive training in personal safety (he is a Certified Protection Professional). Lou is one of fewer than 20 FBI special agents who have the distinction of being FBI certified intelligence officers. He holds a bachelor's degree from SUNY Oneonta and a Master's degree from SUNY Stony Brook.

Violent video games contribute to violence in society?

Do violent video games contribute to violence in society?

The debate can be streamed on WVUT (here)

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Mark Hill   Mike Drysdale

Mark HIll is a Licensed Clinical Social worker with nearly 40 years experience working with children and mental health. Mark has been extremely active in Vincennes both politically (having served on City Council and the Board of Works), and civically (Kiwanis, Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous, KARC). Mark will offer both research and his own experience within the field of child therapy regarding the negative impact of violent video games on behavior.


Assistant Professor Mike Drysdale received his PhD in psychology in 2010. He is passionate about helping students learn, both in and out of the classroom. Two years ago he founded the Center for Research and Learning as a way of engaging students in learning outside of the classroom. He enjoys conducting research in the areas of teaching and learning, human performance, and video games.

Legalize marijuana in Indiana?

Should marijuana be legal in Indiana?

The debate can be streamed on WVUT (here)

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Rob Evans

Rob Evans has worked at VU for 18 years serving initially as a full-time drug and alcohol counselor for 5 years, and in the past 13 years he has been a full-time professor of Sociology and Social Work. He currently works with the Superior Court 2 involved in providing level 2 education for those arrested for drug and alcohol charges. Additionally, he has experience in the community mental health system in Vincennes. Currently he possesses a state license as a clinical social worker and is a certified alcohol and drug abuse counselor in the state of Indiana.


Steve Dillon

Stephen Dillon has been a lawyer in Indiana since 1977. He is a member of the Libertarian Party, the Indiana Civil Liberties Union, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, an ordained minister by the Indiana Association of Spiritualists, and the National Legal Committee for NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws). Additionally, he helped start the Indiana chapter of NORML in 1974 and has served as state director most years since. He has been very active politically, running for offices including prosecutor or Marion County, Indiana Secretary of State, Indiana Governor, and US Senator.

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Mike Morris

Mike Morris; Sheriff in Knox County since 2009, and has been involved in law enforcement for decades. He supervises 27 employees within the department, and oversees the jail which houses up to a 180 prisoners at any given time.


Mike Mullen

Michael Mullen has been a professor at Vincennes University for 25 years and teaches classes including composition, literature, speech, journalism, photography, and history. During that time he served as the advisor for the Trailblazer (the VU student newspaper) for 8 years. He serves on the boards of the James Jones Literary Society and of the Indiana Collegiate Press Association. He is a strong supporter of the First Amendment and was given the Hoosier Intellectual Freedom Award by the Indiana Library Federation. Additionally, he was the recipient of the VU exemplary service award.