Welcome to the Department of Engineering at Vincennes University.

The Department of Engineering is working in a unique institution. I hope you will take time to learn a little more about us, both through this website and potentially through a visit to our campus in Vincennes, Indiana.

Professors at VU are involved in the education of their students; they are committed to the ideals of the junior college.  The fundamentals are taught in years one and two at VU in thoughtfully constructed undergraduate courses.

The role of the professor is to educate great students toward becoming great engineers, physicists or physics teachers.  There is no research component to a professor’s job at VU; they are 100% committed in teaching. The number of student per class is small to nurture the highest potential of each individual. Professors are committed to helping students master the fundamentals before transferring to build upon their skills in years three and four of undergraduate school.

The mission of the Vincennes University Engineering program is to equip students to develop technologies that maintain our nation’s economy and environment.  Students will complete course and laboratory work that allows them to gain the critical thinking, mathematical, and inter-personal skills necessary to further their educations in engineering or a related field.  The Engineering program prepares students for transfer into Bachelor of Science programs across Indiana and around the country.

As chair of the Department of Engineering at Vincennes University (VU), it is, and has been, my priority to maintain the highest quality instruction in an environment that encourages both teaching and learning.  It is important for professors and students alike to feel supported and encouraged to excel at what they are doing. 



Jubin Chen, PhD

Chair of Physics and Engineering

VU into space program is on its way. The department of physics and engineering is proud to announce that the class of ENGR 131 will be having a VU into space program.

Phase 1 of the project is to have a weather ballon launched in May ( 05/09 to 05/13)

Phase 2 of the project is  to have the program implemented for Fall 2016 in the class of ENGR131

Phase 3 is to connect the work with the other departments within the college  to fully expand the collaboration with the other students in as many area as we can.

Purdue Partnership

  Purdue agreement offers avenue for Vincennes University engineering

  WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - A Purdue University agreement is extending the
  educational reach of the College of Engineering to students at Vincennes

  Beginning with the fall 2017 semester, engineering students at VU who are
  pursuing their associate degree can take part in a direct admissions
  program to obtain their bachelor’s degree at Purdue.

  Initially, the direct admissions agreement will apply to first-time,
  full-time students enrolling at VU. The students must meet specified
  criteria to transfer to Purdue. The plan works toward maximizing
  and degree completion opportunities for students.

  “The direct admissions agreement adds an important dimension to the
  existing partnership between Purdue and Vincennes,” said Leah Jamieson,
  Purdue’s John A. Edwardson Dean of Engineering. “Most importantly, it
  represents the commitment of both institutions to continuing to grow the
  higher education opportunities in the state of Indiana.”

  VU Provost Laurel Smith said: “We are excited to build on the
  2 + 2 articulation agreement for engineering that Purdue and Vincennes
  maintained for many years. With the direct admission pathways, qualified
  students will benefit from excellent instruction at a reduced cost in
  to enter engineering professions with significant opportunities in our
  state and beyond.

  “I am pleased to have worked with the student-centered faculty, staff,
  administration at both institutions to create this opportunity for
  students. This effort has yielded a genuine partnership, and we are eager
  to recruit and support a learning community that will nurture engineering
  students in Vincennes and West Lafayette.”

  VU students will be expected to complete their associate degree work to
  eligible for direct admissions to Purdue. Students can transfer before
  obtaining their degree only with permission from both universities.

  Direct admission prerequisites such as grade point average and required
  courses differ among the 15 engineering programs in which students at
  Purdue can major. Students must adhere to the guidelines to be eligible
  direct admissions.

  The agreement follows the history of student success in pursuing their
  education from VU to Purdue.

  “This agreement validates the quality level of the cooperative transfer
  partnership that Vincennes shares with Purdue,” said Paul Wilder, dean of
  VU’s College of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics. “Many students
  transferred from Vincennes to Purdue through the years to pursue
  agriculture, engineering, and science degrees with great success “