VU Distance Education
Licensure Programs

Vincennes University’s professional licensure programs are designed to prepare students for certification or license in the state of Indiana. Licensure requirements vary by state and can often change. Students who either reside in another state or wish to obtain license in a state other than Indiana may or may not have additional study, education, or training requirements.  VU Distance Education programs that prepare students for certification or licensing exams are: Funeral Service Education, Health Information Management, and Pharmacy Technology.  More information about these programs and their associated licensures/certifications can be found below:

Students who intend to seek employment (in one of the three fields above) in a state other than Indiana may or may not be subject to additional study, education, licensure, or training requirements.  Please see your state of residence or intended residence below for more information regarding our academic programs and how they apply to employment requirements for said state: