Welcome to the English Department!

We’re glad you are interested in our English program. The English Associate’s degree at Vincennes University will provide the first two years of study toward your Bachelor’s degree.

Why English?

Whether you want to teach English, go to law school, become a librarian, or be a creative writer, a degree in English will provide you with a versatile set of skills that will prepare you for a number of careers. By studying English and literature, you will not only learn to communicate clearly and effectively, to think critically, to analyze and interpret information, to synthesize information, and to solve problems; you will also develop an understanding of and appreciation for the human condition, an important skill needed to negotiate our diverse modern world. As an English major, you can pursue a career in law, business, publishing, public relations, journalism, and technical writing. A major in English is a solid foundation for any advanced study.

Classes and Activities

As an English major, you will have the opportunity to take a variety of courses including Business Communication and Technical Writing, as well as introductory courses in the genres of poetry, fiction, and drama. You can also take survey classes on American, English, or World literature and choose from more specialized courses such as Literature of the Bible, Contemporary Literature, and Children's Literature. Do you like to write poetry or fiction? Take a class in Creative Writing and submit your work for publication in the Tecumseh Review, our literary journal, and help edit the journal. Read your favorite poem or your own poem at our annual Poetry on the Green event. No matter your interests, the English department has something for you. 

For more information, please call 812-888-5113 to speak with the department secretary or email the department chair, Dr. Sarah Alderfer, at salderfer@vinu.edu.

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Student Story - Cameron Carver

"Vincennes University's English program is rewarding and has a lot to offer to those who put in the time to learn. Students have a wealth of knowledge to gain from professors who are engaging and effective in teaching a variety of subjects pertaining to English Grammar, Linguistics, British and American Literature, among other subjects. Of the courses I have taken so far that pertain to the English program, I have not had a professor or subject that I disliked and I have gained much needed insight into the English language which will help me on my way to becoming an English teacher. As a result of taking courses at VU, my writing has become more succinct; my understanding of how language is learned, communicated, and understood has broadened; and my knowledge and appreciation for various writers throughout different historical contexts has increased. Any student seeking a rewarding experience at VU should sign up for classes in the English program. Good luck."

- Cameron Carver