Geology (AS)

Geology (AS)

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About This Degree

​​​​​​WHY VU?
Vincennes University’s Geology program is designed to transfer to a four-year college for completion of a bachelor’s degree.  Your studies will be a hands-on experience beginning with your first course.  You’ll have access to an outstanding collection of rocks, minerals, crystals, and fossils.  Technology will also play an important role in your education as you make use of custom-designed models, instruments, and audio-visual materials.

  • Study glaciers in Alaska, Hawaiian volcanoes, earthquakes in California, or fossils in Indiana.

  • Conduct research for flood control or other geologic hazards, or perform site selection for construction projects.

  • Explore for energy resources, minerals, and groundwater in Indiana, other states or other countries.

About Geology

Our modern science of Geology grew out of the need for a method to find and extract energy resources (such as coal in 19th century Europe) to fuel the industrial revolution.  Folks working in energy-related fields often find such employment to be particularly lucrative. These fields of study still continue to produce the field scientists and laboratory researchers that identify and locate natural resources to give us the materials from which we build and power everything used in modern society. In addition to finding and managing Earth resources, Geologists help to control and mitigate human impacts on the environment, work with Paleontologists, Biologists, Chemists to stretch the boundaries of understanding of the planet on which we live and with Policy-makers in crafting relevant guidelines and legislation. Geologists may:

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