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Communication Studies, A.S. Transfer

Associate of Science Transfer

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Communication Studies Concentration, 2501, A.S. Transfer

This program is designed to be an introduction to the academic field of Communication Studies.  Communication Studies faculty work with students to prepare them for work in sales, non-profit organizations, human resources, corporate training programs, government agencies, and healthcare industries.  This program will prepare students to transfer to a four year institution.  Students leaving this program will be able to demonstrate effective communication skills, problem-solving, leadership, and be able to think logically, critically and conceptually.

What do communication studies graduates do?  Graduates pursue careers in sales, retail management, human resources, non-profit organizations, corporate training programs, healthcare industry, business, and government agencies. Graduates emerge from the program skilled in the areas of leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, oral communication, and will be efficient consumers of oral, written, and mediated messages.

Career Outcomes

What do Communication Studies graduates do?

20 Careers for Communication Studies Majors:

  • Corporate Training
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Work in Human Resources
  • Work in Marketing
  • Work in Advertising
  • Work in Government
  • Work in Fundraising
  • Work at Hospital
  • Work at School or College
  • Try Going Freelance
  • Customer Service
  • Work as a Journalist at Newspaper/Magazine
  • Work in Radio
  • Work for Sports Team
  • Work in Entertainment Industry (Comedian, Talk Show Host)
  • Professional Speaker (Toastmaster)
  • Agent for PR firm
  • Press Agent
  • Publicist
  • Management

According to Forbes Magazine, Sam Kirk, founder of Youth About Business, states: “The number one weakness corporate America said they faced with incoming talent was the inability to effectively communicate on a professional level.”

What Our Students Say

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"My experience at VU was the ultimate leap into adulthood. It forced me to be held accountable for my actions and the results thereof. I also built long lasting relationships that I will forever hold close. My very being today is a result of what I experienced at Vincennes. Vincennes University has the best Communications Program in Indiana bar none! I always knew I had a desire to be in media. Vincennes University is the only school that offered me hands on training my first month into the program. To speak to the success of the program, I had a job offer immediately following the completion of my degree in my chosen field. "

Taja Graham