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Broadcasting, A.S.

Associate of Science Career/Tech

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The Broadcasting Degree at Vincennes University is a two-year program that provides students with specific skills needed for effective performance, editing, and producing in the broadcasting industry.  Audio and video production and copywriting are explored with practical experience in the University-owned radio and television stations under actual on-air conditions. The primary objective is effective performance and production in the broadcasting industry including radio and TV.

Associates Degree Career/Technical (A.S.C.T)

The Broadcasting Career/Technical Degree at Vincennes University prepares students that are interested in completing their two-year Associates Degree and enter the workforce.  Students graduating with a two-year Associates Career/Technical Degree from Vincennes University are prepared to enter many entry-level positions in broadcasting which can lead to advancement in the industry.

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"My experience at VU was the ultimate leap into adulthood. It forced me to be held accountable for my actions and the results thereof. I also built long lasting relationships that I will forever hold close. My very being today is a result of what I experienced at Vincennes. Vincennes University has the best Communications Program in Indiana bar none! I always knew I had a desire to be in media. Vincennes University is the only school that offered me hands on training my first month into the program. To speak to the success of the program, I had a job offer immediately following the completion of my degree in my chosen field. "

Taja Graham