Engineering-Chemical Engineering (AS)

Engineering-Chemical Engineering (AS)

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Thanks to chemists and chemical engineers, we now enjoy luxuries our parents did not—luxuries such as no-iron fabrics and non-stick fry pans.  These professionals help produce specific products that make our world a better place in which to live.  They also design equipment and manufacturing plants or specialize in a particular field such as pollution control, food processing engineering, or pharmaceutical engineering.

The focus in all engineering tracks is developing sound problem-solving techniques.  The laboratory is your practice ground as you learn the nature of chemical reactions and then translate that to mass transport—reactions occurring on a much larger scale, as in chemical plants.

Career Outcomes

The VU Advantage
Vincennes University offers the first two years of a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural, biomedical, food process, chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering.  All programs are designed to transfer to Purdue University and require high-level mathematics proficiency.  Advantages to beginning your studies at VU include:

  • Hands-on experience, the nurturing of fundamental skills to prepare you for advanced study.
  • The use of laboratory equipment normally reserved for students at the junior or senior level.
  • Lab sections that are normally taught by the same person who teach the lecture sections, ensuring consistent instruction and encouraging relationship building with professors.
  • The latest in industry software and computer-aided design systems.

What Our Students Say

Sonia June

"After my two-year degree at Vincennes University, I decided to pursue my Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering at a four-year university. Vincennes University prepared me to be accepted in top universities like Rose-Hulman, Tulsa University or Florida Institute of Technology. Vincennes University definitely provides you quality education and great experiences which helps you enter into top schools. Vincennes University is a great start for your college path. If I could do it, YOU CAN ALSO DO IT!"

Sonia June