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Student schedules, course drop and add, transcripts, verification of enrollment, and student records are just a few of the responsibilities of the Office of the Registrar.

Grades are processed in the Registrar/Student Records Office and are issued at mid-term and after final exams. All grades will be available to the student on myVU.

Before mid-term of the student's final semester, the student should obtain a Petition to Graduate from the academic advisor and submit it to the Registrar/Student Records Office. The student's academic record will be evaluated using the requirements of the major as listed in the Vincennes University catalog. The student and the academic advisor will be informed of the graduation status when the audit is complete.

How To Request Your Transcript/Academic Record

Download Your Enrollment Verification Form

This form proves to third parties you are a student at Vincennes University. It is often requested by insurance companies for discounts, by loan companies to defer payment, or when applying for a job.


Petition to Graduate
All candidates for graduation must (1) file a Petition for Graduation with the Registrar as soon as possible in their final semester and (2) clear all University obligations.   Contact your academic advisor to assure that your Petition to Graduate is submitted.

Please contact us by phone at 812.888.4220 or fax at 812.888.4380. You can also send an email to