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Devon Stewart

Religious Studies Testimonial

Devon Stewart

Degree: Associate of Science Transfer

Graduation Year: 2014

Role: Administrative Pastor

Employer: Bethel Church Tampa

"My time at Vincennes could be I guess summed up in two particular moments. One was my evolved minor Honors Program where I was able to take on a research project which shaped my work ever since. The second moment is my time in the philosophy department particularly in a philosophy religion class where I got to ask an answer very very big questions that matter to all of us. Those two experiences have literally influenced shaped and molded everything I've done ever since and I'm very thankful for my time at Vincennes University."

Florida State University

Bachelor of Science (BS)

Economics, Political Science; Entrepreneurship

Graduate Coursework in Public Administration


Wake Forest University

Master of Divinity

Concentration: Congregational/Nonprofit Administration