Finding a Roommate:

Vincennes University has partnered with Roomsurf a roommate matching service to assist students finding a roommate.
This service is only available to Vincennes University students.

  • Student must visit to login using Facebook credential. (Note: A basic Facebook profile is required to access this service)
  • Students must then use the following passkey to access roomsurf.  This passkey is case sensitive.
    • PASSKEY:  VUTrailblazer1801

Get to Know Your Roommate

To help you with this here are some good questions and topics to discuss together. 

  • What are your interests/hobbies?

  • What major are you and what would you want to do ultimately with your career?

  • What kind of music do you like?

  • What kind of television shows, movies or games do you like?

  • What are your sleeping habits? 

  • What are your cleaning habits (really clean, mix of messy and clean, really messy)?

  • How do you feel about guests in the room (of the same and opposite gender, overnight guests, etc.)?

  • What kind of roommates do you want to be (acquaintances, close friends, respectful to each other but don’t need to be friends, etc.)?

  • What day are you moving in? If one person is moving in earlier than the other, what should they do in setting up the room space (wait to arrange the room when both are there, separate it in half, arrange the room how you both would like, etc.)?

  • What items do you plan on bringing (rugs, appliances, futons, etc.)? Do you want to share items?





Roommate Conflict Resolution

Most conflict situations that occur between individuals are a result of a misunderstanding or a lack of communication.  It is important to realize that direct communication about the issues of concern can result in a mutually agreed alternative.

Within any living environment, conflict situations may arise between individuals sharing the same space.  If you and your roommate are in conflict, it is important that you accept initial responsibility to discuss your concerns and reach an amiable solution.  Follow these steps in dealing with conflict with your roommate:

  1. Roommates should discuss their differences with each other and try to reach a compromise. 

  2. If a compromise or mutually acceptable agreement cannot be reached, a roommate should contact the Resident Assistant (RA).  The RA will request individual meetings with all roommates to obtain information regarding the dispute.  The RA may respond in the following manner:

    1. Establish a meeting with the roommates to discuss alternatives and possible expectations that would lead to a resolution.

    2. Refer the issue to the Residence Hall Coordinator (RHC) for discussion.

Despite attempts to maintain agreed upon expectations, some roommate conflicts may result in an unacceptable outcome for either roommate.  If a roommate conflict, not involving a confirmed violation of Residence Hall policy, is unresolved, The RHC will assume responsibility for completing a room change.  This change is done at the discretion of the RHC.