Life Assistance Program (LAP)

Life Assistance Program (LAP)

LAP offers basic clinical and work/life services for the employee and their household members and includes the following services:


24-hour telephonic consultation from CIGNA’s licensed clinicians 

 Up to 3 face-to-face counseling sessions per issue, per year (can quote up to 5) 

 Unlimited access to online research and other key resources 

 Healthy Rewards® discount program 

 Life events research and qualified referrals

• Legal consultation. Receive a 30-minute free consultation and up to a 25 percent discount on select fees.

• Parenting. Receive guidance on child development, sibling rivalry, separation anxiety and much more.

• Senior care. Learn about challenges and solutions associated with caring for an aging loved one.

• Child care. Whether you need care all day or just after school, find a place that’s right for your family.

• Pet care. From grooming to boarding to veterinary services, find what you need to care for your pet.

• Temporary back-up care. Don’t let an unplanned event get the best of you – find back-up child care


 Online resources 

 Monthly telephonic seminars 

• Extension to uninsured populations available 

 Critical incident services are available for purchase by LAP clients through a separate contract with Health Solutions per incident.  

 Critical incident services are available for purchase on a reactive basis (at the time of the situation) through Health Solutions. Clients are billed directly by Health Solutions at $625/hour and per location.  

 Eligible employees includes those individuals (and their immediate households) covered by the plan. Employees eligible for the LAP plan as of the date of coverage who go on COBRA are entitled to use the LAP services for the duration of their COBRA-covered period. 


EAP Brochure