Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability


The University offers Long Term Disability Insurance through Principal.

You have the option to enroll in the Group Long Term Disability Insurance Plan.  After a waiting period of six months, an employee who becomes totally disabled and cannot perform assigned duties, can receive 60 percent of his/her monthly earnings from the LTD insurance.  The coverage is coordinated with any benefits payable under the State Retirement disability plan and the Social Security disability plan.


All full-time employees are eligible to enroll in the group Long Term Disability Plan upon their hiring date.    This election can only be added during an open enrollment period.   If you decide to enroll during an open enrollment period after your initial hiring enrollment period, a physician’s statement attesting to your good health as of the later date is required.


If you elect Long Term Disability coverage, the premiums will be paid through a payroll deduction.  The University contributes 50% of the cost of this coverage.