Secure Popular Apps



Secure Popular Apps


Cloud Computing Apps

The following is a list of some popular non VU college tools/websites and tips on making sure your accounts are secure. 


  1. Since you need a Google Account to sign in, enabling two-step authentication requires anybody signing in to have the mobile phone paired with the account or a security key on a USB.









  1. If you feel that your dropbox has been messed with or accessed by an unauthorized person. Go to your dropbox account.

    1. Click the arrow on the top right corner next to your name, and click settings.

    2. Then click security. Under the title “sessions”, it shows all of the web browsers currently logged in to your dropbox.

  2. Also set up a two-step verification system in the Dropbox Security Settings.


OneDrive has great security information.

  1. When you logon, go to the very right corner and click on your picture or the person icon.

    1. Then click on view account.

    2. Once you’re on the account page, go to the blue banner and click “security & privacy” tab.

    3. Under account security, it gives you options to change password and to see your recent activity which is very detailed and lists the IP address, device, and timing information.

    4. If you click on “more security settings” you can get sign in options, and other login security information.


Just like the tips above, a lot of cloud computing websites have similar privacy features. Just look for privacy settings on the website. 




Social Media Privacy Tips (click on the picture)