Food and Drink Policy

In order to maintain the neat appearance of the library and to protect the furniture, carpets, and computers, bringing food and drink into the library should be limited. Food and liquids attract insects and rodents that can eat books' paper, cloth, leather and glues. Infestations of insects that damage paper-based collections are extremely hard to eliminate and are almost inevitable in a situation where food and drink and their remains (food wrappers, containers, crumbs, etc.) are a constant presence in book areas. Liquids are easily spilled on equipment and materials, causing permanent or severe damage, especially to computers and other electronic equipment.

Open containers of drinks are not allowed. Drinks must have some type of lid to be used in the library. While small food items such as a candy bar, granola bar, etc. are allowed, food such as sandwiches, hot food, fast food, pizza etc. are to be eaten in the lobby/hall area only. The library building is tobacco-free.