Group Study Rooms

There are several rooms available for group study. Ask at the Lending Services Desk for their availability. A valid student ID is required from one person in each group. (Note: Because of demand for such space, there is a four-hour limit for use.)

  • Second floor rooms (rm. 213-215).  Maximum capacity: 10 people.  These rooms are not handicapped-accessible.  Whiteboards are available in rooms 213 and 214; a chalkboard is available in 215.
  • First floor room (rm. 109).  Maximum capacity: 10 people.  This room is handicapped-accessible.  A DVD player and screen are available for viewing class-related videos.
  • Rooms are to be used on a first come/first serve basis. They will not be reserved.
  • Rooms may be used for study, tutoring, or work on group projects. They do not contain computers.
  • One person in the group must be responsible for bringing his/her ID to the Lending Services Desk to check out the room. She/he will be given the due date slip which details the time students need to check-out of the room.
  • If students retain the study room past the due date time, the fine is $4.
  • Rooms may be checked out for a four-hour limit. Renewals may be allowed if the room has not been asked for by another group or individual. Depending upon circumstances, the person(s) may be asked to leave before the renewal time hour is over if needed by another group or individual.
  • Rooms will be checked after each use to make sure they have been left in good condition.
  • Appropriate food and open drink containers may be taken into the rooms. (See library's Food and Drink Policy.)