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About the Vincennes University Foundation and Alumni Association


VU Foundation Quick Facts


The Vincennes University Foundation is an independent entity which functions to maintain and administer funds and resources for Vincennes University.

The Foundation is guided by a Board of Directors entailing individuals from locations across the Vincennes University community.

An IRS approved 501(c)(3) organization, all contributions are tax deductible.

Indiana constituents can also claim the State Tax Credit for contributions to Indiana's higher education institutions.


The Vincennes University Foundation's mission is to support the higher education and community service missions of Vincennes University by seeking and receiving contributions from alumni and friends of the University.  We strive to administer these funds for the benefit of Vincennes University and its students.


  • Since June 1990, The Vincennes University Foundation assets have grown from $3,040,790 to $102,153,064.
  • We awarded $1,964,297 in scholarship funds from the University and Foundation for academic year 2018-2019 to new and returning students.
  • The Vincennes University Foundation maintains $35,285,335 in endowment funds.


Sing Alma Mater, Old VU

Sing of the love for friends so true.

Let not the halls of ivy be

Just hallowed memories for you see,

Home is our name for you, VU

Friends and Alumni all so true

Needing a friend we'll come to you

Alma Mater, Old VU.

LEADERSHIP: Foundation Board of Directors



Gregg Sturm

Board of Directors Chair


Henry D. Bobe '72

John Bobe

L. Kirk Bouchie '78

Christina Ernst

Board of Directors Vice Chair


Mike A. Burch '82 

Brent D. Courter '91

Harold Dumes

Linda Waldroup

Board of Directors Treasurer


David Frette

Dan Fritch '83 (VU Jasper Foundation President) 

Mark Glover

B. Patrick Carter '69

Board of Directors Secretary


Marva A. Green '65

Robert McLin '84   

Joyce Memering '68 

Chuck Johnson

President Vincennes University


 David L. Miller '59 

Lonnie Moore 

Bernard Niehaus '57 

Kristi Deetz '89

Foundation Executive Director


Helen R. Seirp '95 

Dr. William Vaughn '77 

Charles Whittington 

Brent Stuckey

University Attorney


Kristofer S. Wilson '09   

James Winemiller '64 

Jayne Bierhaus Young '76

Jerry Zeigler '93 









Our Staff

Krisit Deetz - Executive Director of VU Foundation and Senior Director of Institutional Advancement

vufoundationdirector@vinu.edu | 812-888-5333


Leslie Kidwell - Director of Development

lkidwell@vinu.edu | 812-888-6941




Aaron Selby - Director of Alumni Engagement

aselby@vinu.edu | 812-888-5332



Sara Young - Accounting Analyst

syoung@vinu.edu | 812-888-6035




Main Office Lines      812-888-4510 or 812-888-4354