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About the Community Project

We would love to share the story of how Vincennes University helped you to Blaze Your Trail!

Were you inspired by a VU professor who challenged you to think differently? Did you meet the love of your life on campus? Were you part of a multi-generational family that has witnessed campus growing through the years? Did your Trailblazer friendships create memories that will last a lifetime?

Your treasured stories can be part of a project that tells the legacy of Vincennes University as it connects VU alumni across generations and around the world. You all have one thing in common - the Trailblazer spirit!

There is no cost to participate in the oral history project. If interested, there will be an option to order a copy of the publication and even exclusive VU alumni gear. Again though, a purchase is not required.

Example of Postcards (See FAQ below for more examples):



Frequently Asked Questions

I received an email/postcard asking me to update my contact information for the Oral History Project. Is this legitimate?

Yes. To kick off the project, PCI is helping us make sure our alumni contact information is accurate and up to date. If your information is correct, there is no need to update. We look forard to hearing your stories!

Do I have to participate?

No, participation is completely optional. To opt out of the project, email with a request to opt out along with your contact information for verification or call 812-888-4354 to speak with a staff member. Once this is complete, you won’t be contacted about the project.

Why should I participate?

You’ll be able to share how Vincennes University has impacted your life and will be able to read about the experiences of other alumni, too. Your stories will help VU preserve its past.

Do I have to purchase anything to be able to participate?

No. There is no obligation to purchase anything; near the project’s conclusion, a book containing select members’ stories will be available. should you wish to purchase a copy.

Will my information be safe?

Yes. It’s your story to tell in the way you want. PCI retains no personal member data.

How else does Vincennes University benefit?

Your participation provides the VU Alumni Association with updated alumni information and meaningful alumni stories, which VU will completely own and which can be used to elevate our brand by spotlighting stories across media platforms. The stories provide an attractive invitation to Trailblazers to reconnect with fellow alumni, amd the students, and faculty/staff of their alma mater.

What’s the financial impact on the VU Alumni Association?

There is none. PCI underwrites the project and makes the outreach. Members may purchase the oral history book (print and audio) that PCI will publish with the stories that are provided.

If you have a specific question not covered in this overview, please email