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The most popular form of support is the development of Scholarships.  With almost 600 existing scholarship and department funds, the Foundation may already have a program that matches your career goals or investment niche.

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Vincennes University Foundation Scholarships


The VU Foundation awarded $1,964,297.00 scholarship dollars of VU Foundation and University funds for the 2018-2019 school year to incoming and returning VU students.  These included awards to students from 10 states across the country and 6 international awards.  Currently the VU Foundation manages over 560 scholarship and department funds, with 303 new funds created in just the last 12 years. 

Over $14,835,765 in VU Foundation funds awarded since 2001!

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Do you need to apply for or update your FAFSA [Federal Application for Student Aid]? Doing so is REQUIRED EVERY YEAR for all academic scholarships, regardless of qualifications for federal or state grant assistance.

The Foundation produces a list of available scholarships each academic year for VU students.  Click HERE for a listing of scholarships. If you're ready select the online application for the appropriate academic year and submit it now.  Please be sure to fill out all pages before submitting online.

Foundation Scholarship Application 2020 - 2021

This application is for students beginning classes at VU in August 2020.  It will be valid for the Fall 2020, Spring 2021 and Summer 2021 semesters.

Foundation Scholarship Application 2021 - 2022

This application is for students beginning classes at VU in August 2021.  It will be valid for the Fall 2021, Spring 2022 and Summer 2022 semesters.




Vincennes University and the Vincennes University Foundation annually award more than $1,000,000 in scholarships and grants to assist students in reaching their educational goals. Scholarship award amounts vary from year to year, based on available funds. All scholarship applications will be reviewed for a possible match. For full consideration (including all Academic Scholarships), scholarship and admission applications must be received by January 15th each year. Scholarship applications submitted after that deadline are not eligible for Academic Scholarships. All other scholarships are awarded based on availability. As many scholarships indicate financial need as primary consideration, we strongly recommend each family file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by April 15th each year, even if you do not think you will qualify for federal or state financial aid grants. For each academic year, filing of the FAFSA is required for many scholarships, including all academic awards.


All scholarship recipients who are eligible for filing a FAFSA are required to do so. The FAFSA deadline is APRIL 15th of each year.   







Tuition, Vincennes campus standard room and board or Tuition and stipend [commuter/other campus] for four semesters, with 3.3 minimum GPA and full time status maintaned at all times.

High school seniors who rank number one or two in their class. Additional requirements for students from non-accredited high schools, Home Schools, or a senior class of 30 or less.


$3,000 per year for four semesters* with minimum 3.3 GPA and full-time status maintained at all times.

**High school seniors who rank in the upper 25% of their class. Combined SAT of 1190 or composite ACT of 25.

Blue and Gold

$2,000 per year for four semesters* with minimum 3.0 GPA and full -time status maintained at all times.

**High school seniors who rank in the upper 50% of their class. Combined SAT of 1110 or composite ACT of 21.

Academic Honors / Technical Honors Diploma

$1,250 per year for four semesters* with minimum 3.0 GPA and full-time status maintained at all times.

All recipients of the Indiana Academic Honors or Technical Honors Diploma.

* A scholarship can be renewed for an additional four semestars upon acceptance into a VU baccalaureate degree program.

**Scholarships are competitive. A limited number of scholarships will be given to the most qualified students. Applications MUST be received by January 15 to be considered for all academic awards.

All Indiana students must receive the Indiana Academic Honors/Technical honors Diploma or their state's equivalent to be eligible for consideration of any academic scholarship