Blazers Give Ambassadors

Be a Blazers Give Ambassador

As Blazers Give Ambassador, you help us spread the word about our 24 hours of giving and reach others as you post Blazers Give Day information. Check out the tool kit items below for hashtags, timeline suggestions, post ideas and more.

Ready to Get Started?

1. We can't wait to hear from you so please fill out this short form.
2. Download the images for your social media
3. Let us know if you have any questions! or 812.888.4510


Ambassador Info Form

How else can you support Blazers Give?

  • Make a gift.
    Let people know that you supported the Blazers Give Fund or another favorite fund.
    Post a selfie or video showing that you supported Blazers Give Day. 
  • Be the Spark! Turn you gift into a challenge.
    Mark on your form "I want to make a challenge gift" and complete the information
    Challenge others to make a gift to the same fund or a fund of their choice.


Let's Go!

  • Use your social media network to inform and inspire!
    Share our videos, posts, and images on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Don't forget to include #BLAZERSGIVE
    Update your profile and cover pictures with any of the Blazers Give or campus view images from this page. 
    Add a "Then and Now" on showing a picture from your days at VU and a picture from today.
    Share your VU Story!  Reminisce with your classmates and friends about shared experiences or talk about the impact Vincennes University had on your life.
    Use the #BLAZERSGIVE hashtag on all of these posts 
  • Go old school.
    Phone or email members of your network to encourage them to be a part of Blazers Give
    Receive the VU Insider and messages from the VU Foundation and Alumni Association? Share them with friends and family. 
  • Promote your favorite area of VU. 
    Tell your network about your major, classrooms and labs, or student organization  
    On April 7 celebrate what it means to be a Trailblazer. Follow the activities of the day.
    Share the activities with others. 
  • Say Thank you.
    Thank those who joined you in supporting Blazers Give Day and know that we are grateful for you!

Social Media Tool Kit

  • Getting Started - Now
    Sign Up As An Ambassador
    Follow VU & VU Foundation social media
    Download Blazers Give images for your page
    Tell friends about Blazers Give Day April 7
    Encourage others to save the date and share with their family & friends
  • March 1 - April 6
    Start Your Posts! Share your VU story and memories
    Do a “Then and Now” comparison
    Tell why you support Blazers Give Day
    Share VU & Blazers Give posts
  • April 7 Blazers Give Day!
    Remind everyone that today is the day!
    Follow and share the day’s events 
    Take a selfie in your VU Blue and Gold
    Make a gift and share your support
  • April 8 
    Thank your friends and family who joined you in supporting Blazers Give Day!
    Share the results of the day

Social Media Accounts to Follow


"Celebrate Blazers Give Day with me on April 7! Go to"
"Show your Trailblazer spirit on April 8! Check it out at"
"Mark you calendars! Vincennes University will host Blazers Give Day on April 7. For more info:"
"Are you following the VU Foundation and Alumni Association? I am! (insert link to the page listed above on the proper link listed above). 
"Join me on April 8 to support Blazers Give Day.  In one day we can make a difference every day! #BlazersGive"
"Join me in supporting Vincennes University on #BLAZERSGIVE Day, April 7."
" On April 7, I'm supporting the (insert name of fund or area) at VU! #BLAZERSGIVE

"I just gave to the Blazers Give fund to support VU students and programs. Won't you join me?"
"Today Vincennes University launched its very first Blazers Give Day. It is only for one day so please show your support by donating and sharing."
"It's Blazers Give Day at Vincennes University! Show your support by following all the activities (insert account name). #BLAZERSGIVE"
"I just challenged (name of group) to match my gift to (name of fund) for Blazers Give Day.  Let's go!

"Proud to be a Trailblazer! #Blazersgive"
"Thank you to all my friends and family who me in supporting Vincennes University's Blazers Give Day.  #Blazersgive"
"Together we did it! Thank you for your support on Blazers Give Day! #BLAZERSGIVE"

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