• Meet Kirsten Jansen

  • "Choosing VU was really a no brainer for me since I live 30 minutes away and have never really stayed away from home for longer than a week. Another thing that attracted me to the school was the class sizes and how small they were since I came from a smaller high school I felt more comfortable with being in smaller classes with less people. I chose my major because I fell in love with photography a couple years ago when I was a part of my high school yearbook staff. I have always wanted to be able to help tell someone’s story through my photography and now that I have been studying photojournalism, I can write the stories to accompany the photos. With my major I plan to graduate in the spring of 2021 and work for a local newspaper and hopefully move on to a larger newspaper or even a magazine. Another hope of mine is to be able to help out at a children’s hospital and help entertain the kids and tell their stories to the world through photos and their family's stories. I believe all of this will be possible for me because of my degree I will receive from Vincennes University and I can’t wait to become a VU alumni myself."


  • Newton Lee

  • “I like to teach,” Lee said, “because I like to work with young people and guide them not just to a career but also to prepare them for the journey in life.” A part of Lee’s passion for the classroom includes helping students explore and learn their strengths.“Everyone has talent,” he said. “The question is how do we find it and how do we nurture it.”