Class Inforamtion and Schedules

Heavy Equipment Operator Training consists of 3 phases:

  1. Safety Training
  2. Simulator Training
  3. On-Site Training

Safety training consists of MSHA New Miner Surface and Underground Training. These are two separate classes. Surface is three days long and underground is four. Classes run from 8:00 - 4:30pm Central Standard Time each day.

Simulator training includes 2 eight-hour days of training on CAT 777D and CAT 992G 5DT simulators for surface. Also, 2 eight-hour days on the shuttle car and roof bolter simulator training for underground.

Hands on training is an all day eight hour opportunity to tie all previous training together with an actual Komatsu articulated front end loader and 30 ton articulated Volvo End Dump. 

All training received is taught by MHSA certified industry knowledgeable training staff. They will ensure that you have the skills you need to succeed. In addition, we include OSHA 10 construction training followed by construction math, all designed to provide a broad base of training. We finish the above training regimen with AED/CPR certification.

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Our training is approved for state funding for both INTraining and WIA funding. Contact your local Work One office to see if you qualify.


For more information, contact:
John E. Tooley
Mining Simulator/Heavy Duty Equipment Coordinator

Heavy Equipment Operator Training

Heavy Equipment Operator Training

Surface and Underground Simulators

This training course was developed to teach students how to apply the principles of mining methods, operations, and procedures in a controlled laboratory environment. The primary focus of the course is on the safety aspects of end dump trucks, front end loaders, roof bolters, and shuttle car operations. We utilize simulators to allow students to develop basic operation skills of the equipment. During simulator operation, safe and efficient practices are taught and required to be followed.

In addition, computer based training is conducted in the lab covering Machine Safety, Machine Maintenance, Pre-shift Inspections, and Post-shift Inspections. This provides a general understanding of Mine Machine safety regulations.

Fletcher Roof Ranger II Roof Bolting Machine, the Joy 21SC Shuttle Car, and a Study Guide for Underground Mining are also covered during the course.

The Equipment

  • 5DT Simulator
  • 777D Caterpillar End Dump
  • 992K Caterpillar Loader
  • Fletcher Roof Ranger II Bolter
  • SC21 Joy Manufacturing Shuttle Car





















Underground/Surface Training

  • Proper roof and rib examination.
  • Proficiency in installing roof support.
  • Safe work procedures.
  • Proficiency in pre-operational inspections and start-up/shut-down procedures
  • Identifying pinch points and “Red Zones”
  • Tramming and loading of coal with the shuttle car simulator.
  • Proper and safe procedures to transport coal on a working section using the Joy Shuttle car.
  • Proper use of verbal communication, two-way communication, and cap light signals.
  • Identifying electrical hazards.
  • Identifying components of the roof bolting machine and the shuttle car.
  • Successful completion of roof bolter computer based training exam.
  • Successful completion of shuttle car computer based training exam.
  • Proficiency in escape and evacuation procedures.
  • Pre-shift inspection procedures.
  • Visual examination of working place.
  • Proper use of ladder and proper method of mount and dismount equipment.
  • Proper examination of highwalls, roads, ramps, and spoil.
  • Proper use of verbal communication, two-way communication, and audible warning devices.
  • Observing back dump methods.
  • Hazards of working around mobile equipment.
  • Proper guarding for moving component parts.
  • Proper identification/use of fire fighting equipment.
  • Identifying and report of mobile equipment defects.
  • Identifying reclamation steps and requirements.
  • Knowledge of Federal mining regulations.
  • Safe and efficient operation of the haul truck.
  • Safe and efficient operation of the loader.
  • OSHA 10 construction and construction math training.
  • AED/CPR certification.

Programs are taught by instructors who bring over 25 years of “real-world” work experience and insight to the training lab experience.

For more information, please contact

John Tooley

Heavy equipment operator training funding may be available through your local Work One office. Training is also VA approved and other funding may be available, call 812-888-2888 for details.