World Languages and Cultures



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This curriculum offers the first two years of study for students preparing for professions as translators, interpreters, flight attendants, foreign service employees, or teachers of foreign languages. It offers also a broad general education for those interested in professions connected with public relations, travel, law, or international businesses.

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Mission Statement and Program Outcomes


Video Gallary 

Explore Japan 2014-2017 Slideshow  

Explore Japan is a summer course trip to Japan with seventeen days of cultural adventure including:


Sightseeing Tours of Tokyo, Nagoya, Nara, and Kyoto During First Week 

Staying in Homes of Japanese Families in Utsunomiya During Second Week

Visiting an Elementary School, a Middle School, a High School and Partner College

Experiencing Daily Life in Japan


Apply for Financial Aid and a Futaba Scholarship!  

Explore Japan 2017 Group & Nagoya Castle


Teaching  Foreign Languages 

Kathy Darnell

Kathy is a VU graduate.  She transfered to Indiana University.   

She teaches French and Spanish at Cathedral High School in Indianapolis.


Exchange Program: Major in Japanese at VU & Study in Japan

Stephen Gibson

VU's Japanese Program has two partner colleges in Japan. 

Stephen Gibson studied Japanese at Sakushin Gakuin University for six months.  



      JET Program, Teaching English at public schools in Japan 

Zachary Noble

Zachary is a VU graduate. He is currently teaching English at a middle school and elementary school in Japan.  He was hired as an Assistant Language Teacher by

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  



Working in London 

Ka Hei (Adrian) Lee

Adrian is a VU graduate from Hong Kong who transferred to the University of California, Berkeley. He graduated from UCB with BS in Environmental Science in 2016.  After taking SPAN 103 at VU, Adrian traveled on his own through Central and South America for eight months. He currently resides in London and is working in an Environmental NGO and giving private lessons in Cantonese 


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French Program 

Karen Query

French Faculty Member
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Japanese Program

Study Abroad Program in Japan

Yoshiko K. Cockerham

 Japanese Faculty Member 
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Spanish Program

Steve Gregory

Chair, World Languages & Cultures

Associate Professor of Spanish

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