Engineering - Agricultural and Biological

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Agricultural engineers play an integral role in the food, agricultural, and natural resource system.  They have a hand in many aspects of food production, processing, and storing, as well as environmental quality.

Engineering is all about developing sound problem-solving techniques.  The laboratory is your practice ground as you develop the skills to identify new tools for easier production, processing, and distribution of food.  Agricultural engineers are involved in a variety of activities ranging from remote sensing and application of global positioning technology to designing systems for animal waste disposal to constructing specialized buildings such as climate-controlled greenhouses and automated feeding systems.

The VU Advantage
Vincennes University offers an excellent start toward a baccalaureate degree in agricultural engineering. The program is designed to transfer to Purdue University and requires high-level mathematics proficiency as well as completion of basic physics, chemistry, and life science.

Advantages to beginning your studies at VU include:

  • Hands-on laboratory experience.
  • The nurturing of fundamental skills designed to prepare you for advanced study.
  • Access to laboratory equipment normally reserved for students at the junior or senior level.
  • Lab sections are taught by the same faculty who teach the lecture sections, ensuring consistent instruction and letting you build close relationships with professors.
  • The latest in industry software plus computer-aided design systems.

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