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About this degree:

Agribusiness - Associate of Science

Agribusiness--the industries servicing agriculture or providing value-adding processes to agricultural products—accounts for one in six jobs and nearly one-fifth of the U.S... gross national product. Business from large multinational corporations to new input supply and emerging food manufacturing continue their strong demand for more employees with increased skills in Agribusiness. You have the option of stopping your education after getting this degree or continue on and get your Bachelor's degree below.  

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Technology - Agribusiness Baccalaureate Concentration

The Bachelors of Science in Technology with a concentration in Agribusiness (4 year degree) continues the education of students interested in Management Positions in Agribusiness. These students will be able to take courses in The Chicago Board of Trade, Farm Management, Ag-Policies, and Business Planning. Students finishing their Bachelorette are able to be more competitive in the marketplace.

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Ag Club:  The Agribusiness club is designed for students who love agriculture no matter their major at VU.  We are a Collegiate Farm Bureau and an Alumni Chapter of FFA.  We have various activities throughout the year consisting of cookouts, fundraising, trips, 




For more information about the program, please contact:  

Susan Brocksmith
Agribusiness Program Chair