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Thanks to the work of agricultural scientists, American agriculture is the most productive in the world.  Agricultural scientists study many aspects of the management and production of crops and farm animals. Whether it is horticultural crops, animal products, traditional agronomic crops, or turf and landscaping, agricultural scientists look for ways to increase yields and profitability while conserving our natural resources.

Vincennes University’s two-year Agriculture Program is a cooperative effort between VU and Purdue University.  Upon completing the A.S. degree, you will have a number of options, including:

  • Transferring to Purdue to pursue a baccalaureate degree.
  • Transferring to another four-year institution.
  • Entering an agriculture-oriented profession.
  • Returning to the farm.

The two years you spend at VU will prepare you well for whatever road you choose in the vast field of agriculture.


You will be using laboratory equipment normally reserved for juniors and seniors. The same faculty who lecture also supervise the labs. This ensures consistent instruction and provides you with more opportunity to build a close relationship with your professors.

You’ll conduct experiments through computer simulation and use computers to confirm calculations. The Math Department has a fully staffed laboratory with computer-assisted instruction. Free tutoring is also available.

Note: Recommended courses assume any developmental requirements have been met.

Learn more about the courses required for this major.

Mission Statement and Program Outcomes