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Pre-Optometry (AS)

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2 Years


Vincennes Campus

Nearly all of us have experienced an eye examination and most of us have come to appreciate how much glasses or contact lenses add to the quality of life. Helping people see better is a rewarding way to serve society. The changes in eye care over the past few years have been exciting and you can be a part of this admirable profession.

What’s unique about this degree:  Admission to Optometry School usually requires at least three years of college.  You can take two years at Vincennes University and complete the requirements at any four-year school.  Research shows that VU’s transfer students do as well as students who started at the four-year institution.

Good to know: Indiana University School of Optometry has helped us select the courses in our Pre-Optometry program and VU graduates who transfer to Indiana University are very competitive.  Our advisors will design a unique program for students who wish to attend other optometry schools.

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