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Sustainable Foods and Farming Systems Concentration, A.S. Transfer

Sustainable Foods and Farming Systems Concentration, A.S. Transfer

Associate of Science Transfer

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2 Years


Vincennes Campus

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Principles of sustainable foods and farming systems include wise use of inputs including non-chemical pest and soil management. You can study the principles of design and management of integrated small farm systems whether it be organic, low-input, locally produced and marketed, or urban agriculture systems. This science-based curriculum prepares you to pursue a variety of sustainable farming systems programs.

Vincennes University’s two-year Sustainable Foods and Farming Systems is a cooperative effort between VU and Purdue University.  Upon completing the A.S. degree, you will have a number of options, including:
* Transferring to Purdue to pursue a baccalaureate degree.
* Transferring to another four-year institution.
* Create your own small farm business.
* Returning to the farm.
The two years you spend at VU will prepare you well for whatever road you choose in the vast field of agriculture.