bIT application - Jasper campus

bIT application - Jasper campus

bIT – Business and Information Technology Program

Vincennes University Jasper is proud to partner with local businesses in this major workforce development initiative – the Business and Information Technology Internship (bIT) program. The program enhances the associate degree program in business and information technology by providing students a paid internship while enrolled at VUJ full-time. Graduates of this program are in high demand locally and across Indiana. The Business and Information Technology (bIT) program includes a two-year degree in Business or Information Technology that combines cutting-edge curriculum, paid work experience, along with learning technical skills which are highly sought by leading business partners.

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To prepare, enhance, improve, engage and stimulate the learning environment for all students to advance their educational and professional experience, and skills in order to prepare them to live and work in a global global economy.

What Makes the bIT Program Different?
Business and Information Technology skills are highly sought by many businesses. bIT allows students to receive hands-on experience in the classroom as well as a mentored, hands-on experience in the business environment. Students earn wages while working during the internship. With planning, the wages earned could cover the cost of tuition and books. The potential for grants and financial aid are based on your FAFSA application.

Program Benefits – Students selected for this program will gain:

  • Minimum one-year paid work experience (part-time).

  • Gain Working Experience, Knowledge, and Skills

  • Mentoring by professional business people

  • Opportunities for Growth

  • Self-Confidence within Workplace

  • Communication & Networking Skills

  • Develop Professionalism

  • An Associate in Science Career-Technical degree

  • Preference for full-time employment

Program Requirements – How it Works:

  • Declare a Business Studies or Information Technology Associate of Science program as your major.  Click here to find out more about our programs.
    • Software Development               
    • Information Technology
    • Business Administration
    • Business Management
    • General Studies, Business Studies 
      General Studies, Business students choose one of the following Career Fields:
      • Accounting

      • Multi-Media Communications

      • Banking & Finance

      • Sales & Customer Service

      • Entrepreneurship

      • Supervision & Leadership

  • Attend VUJ as a Full-Time Student (12+ Cr. Hrs.)

  • Complete or currently enrolled in: ENGL 101, COMM 143 or COMM 148, MATH 100 or Higher, and one Program Major Course (I.E. COMP 201 or COMP 177) or Program/Work Certification (A+, MCSA, Cisco, etc.)

  • Submit Internship Application and Resume to Department Chair

  • Participate in Interview

  • Work a minimum of 16 Hrs. per Week 

Students completing the internship will earn an Associate’s Degree from Vincennes University Jasper. After graduation, your two-year Associate’s Degree can be expanded to a four-year Bachelor’s Degree in fields such as business or technology. Some business partners even financially support the completion of a four-year degree.

Business partners in the bIT program include:
Matrix Integration and German American Bank


Please note - you must complete both the VU application and the bIT application.

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Click here to access the bIT application

For more information, contact:
Angie Allen, Department Chair
Business, Information Technology, and Public Service 

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