Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

When Accommodations are Requested

All members of the Vincennes University community share in the University's responsibility of accommodating students, faculty, staff and visitors with disabilities and should prepare for the possibility of being approached by individuals who have accommodation requests.

This includes a variety of situations including in the classroom, during special events, and for participation in extracurricular activities. In anticipation of this occurrence, members of the University community are strongly encouraged to include a statement on their syllabi and/or on all event announcements directing students/participants to notify them of accommodation requests in a timely manner.

This statement should include the name and other contact information for a specific person who will assist in making the arrangements for accommodations.

Video Capturing Assistance

In order to comply with state and federal law concerning the use of captioned videos in academic course offerings, all faculty, staff, departments, and Colleges are asked to only purchase and use captioned videos for both classroom and online courses.  When faculty members receive a request for captioned videos as an accommodation for a diverse ability, either from the Diverse Abilities and Accommodations office or directly from a student, they may request assistance from the Diverse Abilities and Accommodations office for obtaining captioned videos, when captioned versions or captioned alternatives are not otherwise available.

Once a request for a captioned video has been received by a faculty member, the video in question is required by law to be captioned or the video may not be shown in the class.  If that situation arises, please follow the procedures outlined on the Video Captioning Request form.

Referring Students to Diverse Abilities and Accommodations

To best provide the most appropriate accommodations to students who request accommodations due to a diverse ability in classroom situations, faculty members are encouraged to ask students to register in the VU Jasper Administration Office with the Director of Student Services.

Please note, students with diverse abilities do not have automatic access to the services of Diverse Abilities and Accommodations, even if they received services under an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or other school plan in high school.

Therefore, it is extremely important that students with diverse abilities be specifically referred for assistance to the Diverse Abilities and Accommodations office. Students will be asked to provide adequate evidence (documentation) of a disability, and staff will review all documentation to determine the academic accommodations that are both reasonable and appropriate for each student.

Generally, IEP's and other school plans are not considered appropriate for documenting a disability at the college level.  Therefore, Diverse Abilities and Accommodations  staff will assist students in obtaining more appropriate documentation for the provision of accommodations.

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