policies & procedures

policies & procedures

tobacco policy

VU is a tobacco-free campus except for designated tobacco use areas. Please help us maintain a healthy environment for our students, employees, and visitors. Smoking of any type, including e-cigarettes, is prohibited in university facilities and is limited to designated areas and private vehicles.

The policy is in place to promote a healthy environment in which to work, study, and live. The enforcement of this policy will depend upon the cooperation of all faculty, staff, and students not only to comply with this policy but also to encourage others to also comply. Accordingly, tobacco users are expected to voluntarily comply with the policy.

Anyone who observes a possible violation may courteously and without confrontation inform the individual of the tobacco policy and attempt to offer an information card which outlines the tobacco-free campus policy. Those who suspect another is violating the policy may report it to the appropriate unit for possible disciplinary action.

If the person is an employee and that person continues to use tobacco products in a prohibited area, report the incident. On the Vincennes Campus, contact the Office of Human Resource 812-888-5848; if the person is a student, report him or her to the Dean of Students 812-888-4241. If on the VUJ campus, please contact the Office of the Dean at 812-482-3030 or Director of Student Services 812-482-3030.

sexual harassment & misconduct


Vincennes University is committed to creating and maintaining a positive learning and working environment for its students and employees and will not tolerate sexual harassment. Vincennes University is committed to preventing sexual harassment and to promptly addressing any violations of the policy.

Sexual harassment is prohibited because it is demeaning and degrading and a form of prohibited discrimination on the basis of sex. It is an affront to an individual’s dignity, sense of self, and self-esteem. As such it can have a negative impact on performance at work or in an academic setting. Sexually harassing behaviors are prohibited by the University and will not be tolerated.

Sexual harassment is illegal as a violation of several state and federal laws including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. As a recipient of federal funds, VU must comply with these statutes. Sexual harassment is also prohibited in the Equal opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy adopted by the VU Board of Trustees.

This policy applies to all persons at the University or attending University sponsored classes, events and programs. Visitors to the campus and workers employed by private firms engaged in business on the campus are expected to comply with this policy. The Office of Diversity and Affirmative Action is charged with distributing this policy to the University community and providing educational opportunities appropriate to faculty, staff, and students.

Sexual Assault/Harassment Policy

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Vincennes University is committed to maintaining an environment free from all exploitation and intimidation based on sex. The University will not tolerate sexual assault or sexual harassment in any form. Vincennes University pursues a variety of initiatives designed to combat incidents of rape, sexual assault, or other forms of non-consensual sexual activity. Non-consensual sexual activity shall include, but not be limited to, situations in which the victim is unable to consent because he or she is physically helpless, mentally incapacitated due to drug or alcohol consumption, or unconscious, regardless of whether the consumption was with the victim’s consent.

Prevention & awareness

A variety of University offices provide educational programming and information designed to increase awareness and prevention of sexual offenses.

If You or a Friend Are the Victim of a Sexual Assault:

  1. Get to a safe place and contact the Vincennes University Police immediately at 812-888-5555 from any phone. If the assault occurred off-campus, call 911 immediately.

    Upon reporting the incident, the VU Police Department or appropriate law enforcement agency can assist the victim in obtaining medical and counseling services. Although reporting to the appropriate law enforcement agency is recommended, victims may also confidentially report sexual assaults to the Counseling Center at 812- 481-5917 or seek assistance from other members of the University community.
  2. Preserve physical evidence, such as clothing, sheets, and beverages (for date rape drug testing). Do not bathe or shower.
  3. Seek medical attention. For evidence collection purposes and for emergency contraception seek medical attention within 72 hours of the assault. The Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center Emergency Room provides medical assistance, emergency contraception, HIV testing, and treatment for STDs, and can perform sexual assault evidence collection for prosecution purposes.
    • Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center  800 W 9th Street (812) 996-2345
    • Dubois County Health Department 1187 S. St. Charles Street (812) 481-7050
  4. Contact counseling services and/or victims assistance agencies:
  5. Victims of alleged sexual assault may seek to have their academic and living situations changed if such changes are reasonably available. Class schedule changes may be requested by contacting the Dean of Students at 812-888-4241.

Whatever avenue the victim decides to follow for filing a complaint, it is important to follow these steps in order to ensure the possibility of criminal prosecution and/or University student judicial finding.

On Campus Disciplinary Proceedings
Judicial Affairs within the Dean of Students Office handles all on campus disciplinary proceedings for sexual assault complaints. Both the complainant and the accused student in any non-consensual sexual activity case are entitled to the following rights:

  • To be assisted by a procedural advisor during a disciplinary hearing and
  • To be informed of the outcome of any disciplinary proceedings conducted within the judicial system

For more information concerning these procedures, contact the Dean of Students Office, 812-888-4241. Students may also refer to the Standards of Student Behavior within the University Catalog.

Sanctions for violations of University policies regarding sexual assault may include:

  • Relocation or loss of campus housing privileges
  • Reassignment of academic courses to avoid contact with the complainant and
  • Status sanction, including disciplinary probation, suspension, or expulsion

Sex Offender Directory
Indiana State law requires that all convicted sex offenders register with the county Sheriff in their county of residence. A list of registered sex offenders in Indiana is available from the Indiana Sheriffs’ Sex and Violent Offender Registry, which can be found here.

complete withdrawal from all classes

There are many resources, offices and personnel who can help you to be successful at Vincennes University Jasper. If you experience difficulties we ask that you contact the Student Services Office immediately for help in developing a plan for you to continue at the University.

Students who find it necessary to withdraw from all classes must contact the VUJ Administration Office to officially begin the withdrawal process. Deciding to withdraw from all classes may adversely affect different services at the University, so it is important to explore your options to determine if withdrawal is the best choice for you. Students who completely withdraw from all classes may be responsible for paying all or a portion of tuition and fees for the semester.

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