registrar's office

registrar's office

Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office is committed to student success by maintaining accuracy of all academic records.  The Registrar's Office performs a variety of functions at Vincennes University.  At some time during your connection with VU, you will probably have contact with the office.  The Registrar's Office is your source of information regarding the bellow services and requests.

Quick Links to Popular Services

  • Request Your Transcript/Academic Record

    Would you like a copy of your Vincennes University transcripts?  This site provides detailed steps on how to request official and access unofficial requests for transcripts. Financial obligations with the University must be met before a transcript will be produced for you.  Please contact the Bursars office at for resolving these issues.

  • Request an Enrollment Verification

    (View Online & Print)

    Are you in need of Vincennes University enrollment verification?  An enrollment verification form proves to third parties that you are a student at Vincennes University.   It is often requested by insurance companies for discounts, by loan companies to defer payment, or when applying for a job.  Official enrollment cannot be verified until after the first full week of enrollment at Vincennes University.

  • Replacement Diploma Request Form

    (View Online & Print)

    To replace a lost or destroyed diplomas, use the link above to request a replacement.   

  • Student Complete Record Request Form

    (View Online & Print)

    Do you need a complete copy of your student records?  Use the link above to request a copy. 

  • Student Release of Educational Records to Parent/Guardian

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  • Change of Permanent Address

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    Your address at Vincennes University. It is very important that you keep your address information up to date with the Vincennes University Registrar's Office. The most convenient way to change your address and telephone number is by completing the Change of Address form. The address in which you provide to the University as your permanent address will determine your location for Title IV purposes.

  • Changes to your demographic information
  • Degree Verify


    The National Student Clearinghouse is our authorized agent for providing degree verifications.   If you are an employer or background screening firm requesting this information please contact for your degree verification needs.

  • Request for copy of GED


    Do you need a complete copy of your GED score report?  The State has taken possession of all GED records.  They are accessible through a company called Diploma Sender.  To receive a copy of your GED record, go to and create an account.  You can print out a free unofficial GED transcript or order an official GED transcript for $15.00.

  • Enrollment Status/credit hour load

  • Student Loan Deferment Requests and Insurance Reporting

  • Adding / Dropping Courses

  • Grading


    Grades are processed in the Registrar's Office and are issued at mid-term and after final exams.  All grades will be available to the student on myVU.

  • Transfer of Credit/Transcript Evaluation


    Official transcripts should be sent from another college or university directly to the Vincennes University Registrar's Office. For details regarding transfer of credit click here.

  • Petition to Graduation

    Your academic advisor will submit your petition to graduate on your behalf. Petitions must be filed with the Registrar’s office as soon as possible in their final semester and all University obligations must be cleared.  Be sure you check with your advisor to ensure your petition has been submitted.  Your academic record will be evaluated using the requirements of the major as listed in the Vincennes University catalog. You and your academic advisor will be informed of the graduation status.

  • Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) 

    FERPA protects the privacy of your education records.  With the exception of directory information, these records are considered confidential and cannot be released to third parties (including your parents, spouse, or sponsor) without your written consent.

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