scheduling an appointment

scheduling an appointment

At this time, counseling is primarily offered in person. However, virtual appointments can be arranged if needed. The initial appointment with the counselor should be conducted in person if possible. From there, you and the counselor can discuss the most appropriate way to hold future sessions.

A student may schedule an appointment using one of the following methods:

  1. Contact Student Services at 812-482-3030
  2. Stop by Student Services in Admin 201

Walk-in appointments may be accepted on an emergency basis.

If a student is unable to attend a scheduled appointment, they are requested to call Student Services at 812-482-3030 and cancel as early as possible so that we can make that time available to others. 

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Once a student schedules the first counseling appointment, the student must complete the following forms before the first scheduled appointment.
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As mentioned earlier, virtual counseling appointments can be provided if needed. It is preferred that the first counseling appointment be held in person. From there, the student and the counselor can discuss the most appropriate way to hold future sessions. The option of virtual counseling must be discussed and agreed upon by the student and the counselor.

VUJ Counseling utilizes, a free, secure, online meeting platform, for virtual counseling. If agreed upon, the student can meet with the VUJ Counselor via this platform, but must first complete the CONSENT FOR TELETHERAPY TREATMENT form.

For instructions on how to access your virtual appointment, please visit the DOXY.ME STUDENT QUICKSTART GUIDE.

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