Greene County AngelWorx Coordinator

Interested in volunteer opportunites in Greene County?


Greene County AngelWorx Coordinator

Alma Kramer


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Volunteer Center of Greene County is funded by the Corporation for National & Community Services with a match from Generations of Vincennes University.

Greene County Humane Society

Greene County Humane Society is a no-kill shelter looking for animal lovers.  Anyone 15 years of age or older is welcome. Dog walkers are at the top of the list! Whether you have an extra 30 minutes once a week or can come by daily, the dogs love to be taken for walks to burn off some energy and to get some fresh air. There are also animals that could use some one-on-one attention. When neglected or abused animals are brought into the shelter, they are often scared of everyone. A little extra time and attention is needed to help these animals learn to trust again. All of the animals need to play and socialize, and help with bathing the animals is always appreciated. The shelter is open Tuesday-Saturday 11:00 am - 3:00 pm.

Build A Basket

Build A Basket is an award winning volunteer program and a wonderful way to give during the holiday season.  Fill a basket with household items for a homebound client at Christmas time.


Son Shine Shop

Son Shine Shop is a non-profit thrift store in Worthington, IN.  The shop is open from 9 am to 12 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Volunteer activities may include greeting customers and running the cash register.  Volunteers are also needed to sort through donations, hang up clothes, set out merchandise, keeping store neat & tidy, and helping customer as needed.  Heavy lifting is also needed from time to time; volunteers for the heavy lifting may need to move furniture, carry seasonal boxes/items upstairs, and unloading large donations both to and from the store.


Bloomfield Public Library

Bloomfield Public Library provides volunteer opportunites on an "as needed" basis.  Volunteers are needed more frequently during the summer months.  Volunteers at the library may scan and sort books for sale and/or dust shelves, books and DVDs.  The library also participates in Color for a Cause.

Carnegie Heritage and Arts Center

Carnegie Heritage and Arts Center of Greene County displays and promotes area artists.  The center offers information, pictures, and documents of the History of Greene County.  Volunteers are needed to sit at the reception desk to be a friendly face and share what is available within the center to visitors.  The building is also offered as a meeting space and volunteers are needed on occasion to open and close the building in the evenings.  This also requires looking after the memorabilia and art within the building.

Glenburn Home

Glenburn Home in Linton, IN would love to have volunteers to visit with residents and to participate or lead the numerous activities that they offer to their residents.  These activities include, but are not limited to fingernail technician to paint nails, reading to or sharing devotions with residents, shopping for residents, and accompanying residents on outings.  Residents very much enjoy and appreciate all those who volunteer!

Shakamak Good Samaritan Retirement Community

Shakamak Good Samaritan Retirement Community is looking for anyone with a heart to help the elderly or has a talent to share at the Jasonville Retirement Community. At any time, volunteers may read to, or visit with residents.  Day or evening Men’s and Women’s Group leaders are also needed. The residents participate in crafts on Friday afternoons and would enjoy extra help, or if you have a craft of your own that you would like to share, you are encouraged to do so.  If you have a musical talent, there are opportunities throughout the day to share your talent that would be enjoyed greatly by the residents.  Bingo volunteers are also needed; Bingo is also very popular with the residents and is played daily (4pm M-F and 3pm on Sat-Sun).