Who May Borrow
The following groups are able to borrow materials by presenting a valid University ID card and University ID number:
  • VU Students
  • VU Faculty
  • VU Staff

Residents of Indiana who are 16 years or older may borrow library materials by presenting a valid drivers license at the Circulation Desk. There is no charge for a community borrowers card.

Check-out Periods
Patrons are responsible for knowing when items are due and therefore are responsible for any overdue charges incurred.

Items are usually due 21 days after check-out. (Please note toward the end of the semester, all items are due on the Friday before final’s week.)


Returning Items

Return items to the library's Circulation Desk or drop them in the return box located outside the rear of the Habig Building.

Library Conduct Code
In order to better serve the users of the Vincennes University Jasper Library and to make the library a pleasant and conducive place for study, we ask that library users observe the following:

  • Enter staff areas only by invitation.
  • Refrain from engaging in loud conversation or behavior that would disrupt the concentration of other library users.
  • If listening to music, playing a game, or viewing a video, keep the volume low and use headphones.  The library has headphones to loan if needed.
  • Cell phone use in the library is disruptive. Please turn off your cell phone when using any area of the library. If you need to use your cell phone exit the library. 
  • Use of library facilities and resources compels library users to comply with all federal and Indiana laws; all applicable Vincennes University rules and policies found in the UNIVERSITY MANUAL and STUDENT HANDBOOK; and all applicable contracts and licenses.
  • E-mail, Internet, and Web resources are provided for educational and research purposes. In the library’s public computer areas, viewing sexually explicit materials that serve no educational or research purpose is prohibited.
  • Displaying, distributing, scanning, or printing pornographic or potentially offensive material may be in violation of federal and/or Indiana laws, or Vincennes University’s antiharassment policies. Examples of such laws include the laws pertaining to obscenity and child pornography.
  • No one under the age of 16 may enter the VU Jasper Library.
  • Library staff have the authority to ask groups and individuals to be quiet. Persons or groups will be asked to leave if they do not correct their own behavior after such warnings
  • Each individual is encouraged to follow these guidelines to promote a courteous atmosphere for all library users. Remember, use of the facilities and resources is a PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT. Library staff and campus police will enforce this library conduct code.

Computing Policies
The following University Computing Policies are from the VU Catalog and the VU Board of Trustees. All policies are subject to change in accordance with changes in University policy.

Computing resources may not be used for illegal purposes. Examples include:

  • Unauthorized copying or use of copyrighted material.
  • Destruction of or damage to hardware, software, or data belonging to VU or other users.
  • Disruption or unauthorized monitoring of electronic communications.
  • Harassment of others.
  • The accidental or intentional introduction of a destructive program, such as a “virus,” can have serious consequences. Users should be aware of the threat of viruses on networks and in public labs and use adequate protection against spreading them to their own machines. Both freeware and commercial anti-virus programs are available. Any attempt to compromise the University computer security systems will not be tolerated. Computing resources shall be used in accordance with the high ethical standards of the University.

Examples of unethical use which also may involve illegality include:

  • Violations of computer system security
  • Unauthorized use of computer accounts, files, and data which do not belong to the user
  • Unauthorized use of access codes assigned to others
  • Intentional use of computer telecommunication facilities in ways that impede the computing activities of others
  • Academic dishonesty (plagiarism, cheating)
  • Violation of software license agreements
  • Violation of network usage
  • Violation of another user’s privacy

Tobacco Policy     

Absolutely no type of tobacco, including smokeless tobacco, is allowed in the library.  Anyone violating this policy will be asked to leave.