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Welcome from the Chair of Jasper Humanities

"In today's multicultural, globalized environment, businesses are interested in graduates who possess a working familiarity with other cultures, customs and languages, and who are skilled in analytic thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. English and Humanities courses are crucial in providing students with an open mind and diverse skill set."

Angie J. Mayfield, PhD

Department Chair / Professor of English
College of Humanities - Jasper Campus

Jasper Humanities Degrees

Jasper Campus - College of Humanities Degrees

Jasper Departments and Chairs Table Listing

Jasper Humanities Faculty

Faculty Member Title
Angela Mayfield, Ph.D.

Professor of English; Department Chair, Humanities

Dennis Dahlen Adjunct Professor, English
Derry Creutz Adjunct Professor, Study Skills
Ed Walston Adjunct Professor, English
Flo Gonya Adjunct Professor, English and Humanities
Natalie Blackgrove Adjunct Professor, English
Ross Halvorsen, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor, German and Spanish
Stanley Werne Adjunct Professor, Philosophy
Tammy Gerber Adjunct Professor, English
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