Please note that complaints filed more than 30 days after the incident may not be accepted.

If you have a concern or complaint that you believe needs to be resolved please follow the process below. This is the online reporting tool for the Vincennes University Student Complaint process. Students should always attempt to resolve any problems with the University by first discussing it with those involved. Dealing with concerns in a direct and honest manner should be the first step in resolving the problem. However, if an issue cannot be resolved, students should use this formal online complaint process. VU students may initiate their complaint by clicking the appropriate link below (Academic Complaint Form or Non-Academic Complaint Form).  Complete all information requested, and then click on the “Submit…” button to complete the complaint process.


First attempt to resolve your issue by speaking directly with the individual(s) or office(s) involved.

The Student Complaint form must include your name, student ID number, and preferred email address for the process to move forward.