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AS Career/Tech Degree in General Studies - Business Studies Option
This degree is designed exclusively for all branches of the military. Recruiter and Retention NCO can apply military training and experience toward earning a degree from Vincennes University. You can:

  • Earn your degree on-line (distance education).
  • Apply college credit for military experience and training.
  • Transfer credits from other accredited institutions.
  • Meet degree requirements through college level testing.

Only 6 semester hours must be taken through VU

  • 31 semester hours of military credit applies to the degree (18 business electives and 16 other requirements)
  • Minimum of 9 semester hours of credit from other colleges

To get started, contact your local Guard Education Officer and/or the ARNI web-site ( to discuss your educational goals. We will work closely with you and your Guard advisor to ensure that you receive full credit for any prior college-level learning, enabling you to complete you're associate degree in the least amount of time.

Next, complete one course through VU (on-site or through distance learning) and we will evaluate your military training and experience for college credit and give you a degrees plan that tells exactly what you need to do to complete an A.A.S Degree in Business Studies.

Get Started at PEC
You can start while attending the Recruiting and Retention Course at PEC. A one-semester hour Study Skills course is offered on a volunteer basis to guardmembers attending PEC courses. Elements of this course include components on strategies to improve reading speed and comprehension, effective note-taking skills, test-taking skills, memorization techniques, listening and organizational skills. The course will meet 15 hours on the weekend in the middle of the course.

After completing this course and receiving appropriate documentation we will evaluate your military experience and training for college credit and send you're a degree plan to assist you in completing your degree.

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