severe weather

Severe Weather Awareness

Severe Weather Awareness



Weather awareness is always advisable for your safety.  VU monitors the forecasts and conditions so if announcements are required, please be aware of VU weather reporting procedures.




When Vincennes University delays or cancels classes and/or office hours due to dangerous weather and road conditions, announcements will be distributed using a variety of methods.  By referring to this guide you will be assured of receiving this safety information in the most timely and accurate way.  Every effort is made to release schedule adjustments with as much lead time as possible.



Among the notification methods are optional E-Alerts.  You can choose to receive these alerts in the form of text messages, VU emails, and/or voice messages.  To sign up for E-Alerts, access your VUX account, scroll to the bottom of the page, click “Sign Up for E-Alert,” and provide the requested data.  Current subscribers should log in to verify that their information is up to date.  Please note that individual cell phone carriers differ and this may affect how quickly E-Alerts are received.


Vincennes, Jasper, and Gibson Campuses

VU sends its delay and cancellation notices to both television and radio stations in a wide area - including Terre Haute and Evansville.  You may refer to local stations near our campuses and sites, such as University-affiliated media since they will have more complete information.

·    Please listen to all announcements carefully.  VU may announce closings for the University as a whole or for specific campuses, centers, or sites.


Indianapolis Campuses

Information will be released by the respective sites to the appropriate outlets.


Other Sites

Classes at other sites follow the closing decisions of those sites.


University-Affiliated Information Systems

We appreciate the cooperation of area radio and television stations and their respective websites in posting VU announcements.  As a reminder, University-affiliated stations and information systems include:

·    E-Text Alerts - sign up by going to VUX,

·    Facebook - official VU page,

·    Twitter - official VU account, @VincennesU

·    VUX Campus Announcements,

·    VU Web page,

·    VU Web page - weather,

·    WFML 96.7 FM

·    WVUB 91.1 FM

·    WVUT-TV


Emergency Housing for Commuting Students - Vincennes Campus

When weather prevents commuting students from being able to travel home, the Vincennes Campus will make housing accommodations available. Male and female students should report to the front desk at VIGO Hall for temporary lodging. Commuting students should be prepared for a possible overnight stay by packing a small overnight bag with a blanket and pillow, a change of clothes, toiletries, etc. If students have any questions or concerns about securing emergency housing, they can contact the main housing office at 812-888-4225. If they have questions after normal business hours, they can call the Vigo Hall front desk directly at 812-888-5500.

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