We offer a variety of career services to help all Vincennes University students and alumni.
Whether you need help discovering a great career, preparing for an interview, or searching for employment, we are here to help!


  • Searching for an internship, full-time career, or part-time job?  Visit 
  • Upcoming Events & Workshops:  These Events  are free to all students and graduates.
  • Resume Review:  First Impressions count!  Whether you need help starting your resume or need a quick review, we can help.
  • Practice with a Mock Interview:  Contact The Center for an appointment at 812.888.4280.
  • Practice interviews online! 
  • Undecided about which major/career is right for you?  We have tools and guidance to help.  Please call for information 812.888.4280.



Workshops are free to attend.  No reservations are required.  We offer both Market Yourself workshops to help you make the best first impression.  We also offer Financial Matters workshops aimed to  better prepare students to make better financial decisions.  Most workshops last about 45 minutes.  Since some instructors require attendance, all attendees are asked to sign-in during the event.


Classroom Presentations

Some instructors invite the Career Center into the classroom to discuss various topics.  We might see you in the classroom!



Internships are valuable for students!   Internships are an extension of classroom studies and may be called an internship, a co-op, clinicals, or even a part-time job related to one's major.  If you are looking for internship opportunities, be sure to attend our Internship Fair and to search for opportunities using the  .   Internships on your resume can make you a stronger candidate.