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Xmester Experiences - new

  • "I really enjoyed the new friends that I got to meet while I attended." - Lawrenceburg
  • "I enjoyed the freedom of the college life, while at the same time being able to complete an intensive course in a few short weeks. I enjoyed the fact that I could meet fellow students from other schools that are going through the same thing as I am, and being able to make new friends during this time."-Lawrenceburg
  • "The thing that I liked most about Xmester was our fellows and my instructor, because they were all really fun, open, and accepting." - EAU
  • "I enjoyed the experience and I also took a subject that I enjoyed so it made my experience more enjoyable." - EAU
  • "I liked the whole college experience and it made me think deeper about going away to college. Before Xmester I never though I was going to go away for college, but I really want to now." - EAU
  • "It taught me how to be a college student and it was very fun. Loved the campus!" - Hammond
  • "The fellows were great. They helped us out a lot and they also had fun with us." - Hammond
  • "I liked that we could work at our own pace during the second week. In the first week I liked that we had a degree of independence to decide what to do during our day." - BDU
  • "I got the college experience that I have been wanting all of this time." - BDU

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