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Emergency Medical Services, A.S.C.T.

About This Degree

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Estimated Program Length

60 Credit Hours


Vincennes Campus
Jasper Campus
Gibson County Center

This program provides an opportunity for students to become Emergency Medical Technicians, meet general studies requirements, and, if qualified, to attain an Associate of Science degree in Emergency Medical Services. Graduates will be prepared to function as a paramedic in advanced prehospital emergency care. While working under the direction of a physician, the paramedic utilizes knowledge and skills to manage medical emergencies of acutely ill or injured clients in prehospital settings.

Admission Requirements

Students should apply for admission to VU in General Studies (GS) while enrolling in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) prerequisite courses. Admission as a GS major does not guarantee admission to the EMS degree program. Applications for the degree program that starts each fall must be submitted by the July 15th deadline and admission to the EMS Program will require a Change of Major in order to enroll in EMTP courses.

Basic Requirements

The following criteria are used as a guide for admission:

  1. Meet the Admission requirements of the University.
  2. Possess physical and mental health acceptable for performance as evidenced by examination by licensed physician.

Program Requirements

Program applications can be requested through the department or downloaded via the Internet.

ALL items must be completed by July 15th of each year for Fall studies.

  1. Admission to Vincennes University.
  2. Be 18 years of age or older.
  3. State or National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NR EMT) Certification.
  4. Concurrent enrollment in or a grade of C or better in Anatomy and Physiology (BIOL 111/111L or BIOL 107/107L).
  5. Students will be required to submit their Vaccines/immunization records, CPR certification, and background checks into a verifying account in order to do clinicals.
  6. Experience: Prior to enrolling in the EMTP course, students must provide documentation showing ONE of the following:
    a. One year of experience with a patient care service that has more than 2,000 calls per year.
    b. Two years of experience with a patient care service that has less than 2,000 calls per year.
    c. Completion of EMTB 250 - EMS Experience.
  7. Resume with three letters of recommendation.
  8. Admission Essay

Upon review of application packets, students will be ranked and selected for admission testing and interview to include:
      a. Computer Adaptive Test
      b. Patient care scenario
      c. Panel Interview