Assessment at Vincennes University

Vincennes University embraces assessment as a fundamental tool for continuous quality improvement.  The institution’s assessment of academic and co-curricular programs is evidence-based, using quantitative and qualitative measurements of students’ demonstration of program learning outcomes, and supports data-driven decisions to improve VU’s services and processes for all students. 

VU’s assessment paradigm encourages collaboration among the faculty and staff and is guided by the program mission statements and focused learning outcomes reflecting the structure and content of the curriculum.  The assessment process values faculty and staff autonomy and creativity while providing the institution with valuable data to drive improvement efforts.

The assessment cycle is a three-year process.  Each year programs and services gather data, report the data in terms of strengths and weaknesses, and compare the data over a period of three years to identify trends and patterns within the student learning data. 

These observations are then used to identify opportunities for improvement—in the student learning or the tools themselves.  VU’s robust assessment paradigm serves to illustrate the institution’s commitment to continuous quality improvement and to the students it serves.