Parent & Family Services

Parents and Families Services

Welcome to the Vincennes University Family!

The Office of Parent and Family Services at Vincennes University is committed to serving students by providing assistance and support of the family unit through quality parent programs and communication tools as a means to facilitate student success.

VU realizes that as each student learns to balance the load between social life, academics, and being away from home, there may be struggles. We realize that your student’s concerns are your concerns. We appreciate that you as parents and other family members are there to provide support and encouragement.

To assist you in staying connected to Vincennes University, Parent and Family Services is your connection when you have problems or concerns and are not sure where to call. Hopefully, your student’s college experience will give you a great sense of pride and joy as he or she grows into a mature adult. But, there may be times when you become perplexed, discouraged, or just a bit concerned. A good place to start is to sign up for our e-newsletter. About once a month, VU will send you an e-mail with important information, reminders, and helpful hints.

As your family navigates the college process continue to visit the parent pages. Here you will find information that will help you help your student along the way.

Does your student need academic help or additional support?
Find Student Resources including free tutoring, labs, and academic support.

First time on campus?
Another helpful resource is our college glossary. This is a list of words and terms you only hear in the wild world of higher education such as provost, bursar, and syllabus.

Is your student graduating soon?
Make sure you have your calendar marked and have all the details. For all the scoop just visit our Commencement pages for up to date information that will make this day one to remember. 

In addition to parents and family, we welcome friends and visitors, too.

Frustrated and just want to talk to someone who has the answer - or at least knows where  to find it?
Please contact the Office of Parent and Family Services. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday in Governor’s Hall, Room 108, next to the Administration building.

Is your student newly admitted and you don't know what to do next?
Visit our Next Steps page. It is chocked full of great information about a lot of things - from housing, to placement testing to support services and more. Other assistance is outlined in the information below.

Join Us:
Current VU parents and family members have their own Facebook Group, so please join us! Feel free to ask questions, hear from 'seasoned' parents, and find out what is happening on campus at:

Additional Information

Contact us at  or call our phone: 888-852-3940 or 812-888-5004

Transportation Options

Miller Trailways

University students are able to catch the bus at Huck's Gas Station on 6th Street. Students and families should contact Miller Trailways directly for more information.

Miller Trailways serves locations in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Michigan.
Cost is dependent on length of route. Reservations can be made online through Miller Trailways. More information is located here: 


VanGo provides Wal-Mart runs for VU students every Tuesday and Friday. They will pick up students next to Harrison Hall on Indianapolis Avenue and on First Street between Godare and Vigo Halls.

Pick-ups will be made at approximately 1:30pm and 2:30pm EST. 

In addition, students may ride to various Vincennes locations for only $2.00 on weekdays and $3.00 on weekends from 7:00am - 4:30pm EST. Call 812-886-3381 at least one day in advance to schedule a ride.