SurveyDIG, Faculty Performance Reviews & Course Improvement Plans

SurveyDIG, Faculty Performance Reviews & Course Improvement Plans

End of Course Surveys

Adjunct Faculty Performance Reviews 

Each academic year, our office is required to submit a signed Adjunct Faculty Performance Review (PR) for each Project EXCEL (PE) instructor. This review evaluates ten areas of instructional responsibilities, such as timely submission of syllabi, student registration forms, final grades, etc. This form was designed for use in reviewing all adjunct faculty members, so there are a few items marked as not applicable to PE instructors. There are two other assessment-related items that will only be applicable to some Project EXCEL instructors. For others, this section will be marked as N/A. You will have the option to provide comments prior to returning the signed copy. These reviews are typically sent to instructors in late April or early May and are based, in part, on previous course terms.

  • Every PE instructor will be emailed a Performance Review, each year.
  • Instructors will be required to scan and email their signed Performance Review by the assigned due date. The instructor will have the option to provide comments prior to returning the signed copy.

Course Improvement Plans

Each new instructor is required to complete a Course Improvement Plan (CIP), based upon their aggregate Survey Dig student responses from the PRIOR academic year (their first academic year of offering a VU course). The CIP will be completed based upon students’ SurveyDIG responses that they are expected to complete after each course. After submitting the CIP for the first year of instruction, only the instructors whose aggregate SurveyDIG results fall below the established threshold (to be determined) will be required to submit a CIP in the future.  

  • Student participation in the SurveyDIG course evaluation is REQUIRED for this process.
  • SurveyDIG student surveys will be open 20 days prior to the last class date submitted on your Course Information Form and will end 6 days after that date.
  • Instructors will review their Survey Dig results and complete the Course Improvement Plan after the student survey window has closed. Instructions on accessing your aggregate SurveyDIG results are included below.
  • Instructors must submit their Course Improvement Plan as specified in the email instructions.

Course Improvement Plan Guidelines & FAQ (View Online & Download)

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