Timely Warnings

Timely Warnings


At approximately 8:20pm on October 28, 2022, Officers responded to 219 W. St. Clair Street, Apartment 23, in regards to a report of three unknown individuals knocking on a door and reportedly brandishing a firearm. All three suspects vacated the area prior to officers arriving.

One victim had minor injuries, as a result of the incident, and was treated on scene. It is believed that this incident is isolated, however, we encourage all of our students, faculty, staff, and guests to be alert of their surroundings and report any suspicious behavior or activity to Campus Police.

The group of unknown suspects reportedly consisted of two males and a subject in a bloody clown costume. The suspect with the firearm was described as a black male, approximately 5’11”, with short length dreads, and wearing dark clothing. Another suspect was described as a white male, approximat ly 5’11”, wearing a grey or blue hoodie. The suspects in the clown costume was approximately 5’11” and no other descriptors were able to be provided. The subjects were last seen fleeing the area towards the North near Red Skelton Blvd. If you have any information, please call the Vincennes University Police Department at 812-888-5555.

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campus safety tips

Vincennes University continues to reduce and prevent crime on a continual basis. 

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Personal Safety Tips

Personal Safety Tips:

Crime survivors are not responsible for their victimization; perpetrators are accountable for their
crimes and the outcomes of their actions. The following safety information may help reduce the
possibility of becoming a victim of a crime.

Program your phone. Save the Vincennes University Police Department’s phone
number to your phone to have the number readily available in the event of an emergency.
You can contact the Dispatcher or Officer on-duty, 24/7 at 812-888-5555. You can also
dial “5555” from any campus phone.

Always trust your instincts. If you are uncomfortable in a situation, or you suspect
something is wrong, you are probably right. Leave the situation. Don’t worry about
what others think; safety comes first.

Be alert and aware of your surroundings. If you detect any suspicious activity and are
concerned about your safety, immediately respond to a location where you can call for
assistance (i.e., emergency phones, emergency call boxes).

Use your cell phone. Make sure it’s charged before you leave home and coordinate with
a friend if you need to text him or her for a “friend-assist.” Also, make a plan in case your
phone dies, so you can meet up with your friends at a familiar location at a certain time.

Keep your doors locked at all times. Do not prop self-locking doors and report
defective locks to the locksmith immediately through the Work Order System or by
contacting the locksmith at ext. 4401 or Campus Police at 5555.

Do not allow any individual into your room, office or lab if you do not know who
they are, if they are not authorized or if they are not supervised.

Stick with your friends. Arrive at events together, check in with one another throughout,
and leave together. Think twice about going off alone and if, for whatever reason, you
have to separate from your friends, let them know where you are going and who you are

Do not enter or remain with a stranger in an elevator if you feel unsafe.

Do not enter or approach a stranger’s vehicle.

Do not resist a robbery attempt. Remain calm, cool and observant. Take no action that
would jeopardize your safety or the safety of others.

If you walk into your building and find suspicious individuals loitering there, do not
enter. Instead, leave and find a safe location where you can call Campus Police.

Emergency Blue Lights call: Be aware of the Emergency Blue Lights near parking lots
and walkways throughout campus. Use these emergency telephones to be immediately
connected with the Vincennes University Police Department.

If you see something say something

If you see something, say something!

Intervene if you see a situation that seems risky to someone’s safety. By stepping up, you can possibly prevent a crime. Also, don’t be afraid to call Campus Police. Many crimes can be prevented. While the Vincennes University Police Department tries to prevent crimes on campus, Campus Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and you should make attempts to protect yourself.

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