2020-2021 Covid Action Teams

Dear VU Colleagues, Students, and Stakeholders:

As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic has required VU to act quickly in order to protect the safety of our students, faculty, staff, and communities.  The speed of the transitions we have all made and our focus on finding flexible ways to continue to fulfill our mission are testimonies to the commitment of everyone during this challenging time.  Though no one can yet predict the course of the pandemic, we must now turn our focus on preparing for the future, including the potential that COVID-19 could impact the way we operate well into the 2020-2021 academic year.

I am announcing the appointment of three Action Teams to help VU to plan and prepare for different scenarios that we could be facing later this year.  The three teams will begin work immediately and will focus on three areas:

  • Decision Parameters for resuming or suspending face-to-face instruction
  • Ensuring continuity of instruction and student support if we must continue or resume mainly remote delivery of classes and services
  • Ensuring safety and health precautions are in place when we resume face-to-face instruction and operations

Reports from each team with their findings and recommendations will be presented to the executive team within the next few weeks.  

Below you will see a list of the charge for the Action Teams, specific questions they will be addressing, and the members of each team.  Please join me in thanking everyone who has agreed to serve on these teams.

As I’ve said before, I couldn’t be more proud of how all of our students, faculty, and staff have responded to these unprecedented changes.  Thank you for your hard work, your patience, and your continued efforts to keep our communities safe.

Best regards,

Chuck Johnson
Vincennes University



Given the unpredictability surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, VU needs to prepare for the possibility of 1) beginning the fall semester in online delivery and 2) having to end the semester in online delivery.  Each team will be tasked with exploring issues related to their team’s focus.  Teams will be responsible for drafting and submitting a report to the VU President and Vice Presidents with their findings and recommendations.  Due dates for the reports are indicated below.

Decision Parameters Team
Under what conditions should we resume face-to-face instruction for summer II and fall terms? What factors should drive the decision to suspend face-to-face instruction and support?  
Deborah Bedwell UPCC (Chair), Adam Daugherty VUPD, Christian Blome VUJ, Diana Hatton, Financial Services/Government Relations, Elaine Burklow EnglishMichael Morrison Risk Management, Sarah Fortune External Relations  
Executive Sponsors: Chuck Johnson President’s Office, Tony Hahn Government Relations

Instructional Continuity Team
If we do not resume face-to-face instruction or have to suspend face-to-face instruction, how will we maintain continuity of instruction and services?
Rick Kribs Curriculum & Instruction (Chair)I, Jessi Parker Student Financial Services, Carmin Schnarr MIC, Mike Gehrich ATC, Jacob Berg VUJ CTIM, Ty Freed Technology, Mistene Halter, Nursing, Shanni Simmons Distance Education, Greg Hirsch Information TechnologyDrew Findlay CTE Early College, Haley Hartley, Student Affairs
Executive Sponsor:  Laura Treanor Provost’s Office

Environmental Safety Team
If we resume face-to-face instruction, how will we protect our students, faculty, and staff to prevent an outbreak at any of our sites?
Matt Schwartz B&I/Military Education (Chair), Dawn Brewer Housing, Jennifer Andrews Counseling Center, Lori Osmon, President’s Office, Heidi Whitehead Admissions, Andrew Young Architectural Services, Regina McCord-Fithian Human Resources, Jennifer Hensley Social WorkJim Herman Sodexo, Lesa Tucker Athletics
Executive Sponsors: Linda Waldroup Financial Services, Dave Tucker Workforce Development/Community Services, Tim Eaton Financial Services