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Make the most out of your life as a student and Get Involved!

You’ll not only have a lot of fun by getting involved, you’ll also develop leadership abilities and skills you will use long after college.

Student Activities offers a variety of ways to get involved with the Vincennes University campus.

You can join one of our clubs and organizations, help plan the Student Activities events, volunteer, and much more.

Some of the events we offer are concerts, hypnotists, open mic nights, carnivals, mentalists, and many others. 

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+1 812-888-4126


Contact Information

Student Activities Office

Office located in the PE Complex, Room 102


Director of Student Activities, Alexis (Annie) Garner



Campus Organizations

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Purpose: To create a sense of community and belonging through cultural, social, educational, and entertainment programs for the University and surrounding community.

CAB's Responsibilities include:

  • Creation of events that are inclusive, diverse, innovative, and educational
  • Planning events that will boost morale, self-awareness, and university culture
  • Network with clubs and organizations on campus, along with other departments, and the community

President - DustanJones

Vice President - Adler Crumrin

Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator - Olivia Lankford

Finance Coordinator - Kaitlyn Koenig

Secretary - Tenny Fatoke

CAB office is located in the PE Complex, Room 102

Student Government Association (SGA)

Purpose:  To represent and serve the students of Vincennes University in all matters concerning their education and well being, as well as to provide oversight and support to all registered clubs and organizations on campus.

SGA's Responsibilities include:

  • Promoting the continuous improvement of higher education within the University.
  • Promoting high standards for the quality and enrichment of student life.
  • Creating a venue to promote diverse ideas, values, cultures, and experiences within the University community.
  • Protecting student rights and promoting ethical behavior.
  • Providing a forum for the expression of student views and interests.
  • Providing and maintaining relationships between SGA, the VU students, the University, and the community.

President - Keyerra Buckley

Vice-President - Marissa Bradley

Financial Coordinator - Trey Browne

Public Relations Coordinator - Grace Jones

SGA office located in PE Complex, Room 102

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