student & parent testimonials

student & parent testimonials

Student & Parent Testimonials

“Not everyone is going to graduate college debt free. Most college students don’t, although you can lower your potential debt using certain tools Go to all of the Blazers Achieve workshops. Many of the workshops will have tips and tricks on how to lower student debt along with just helpful financial advice that you didn’t learn in high school and won’t learn in a college class. You can ask the questions that you have always wondered about in college. Write the essay for the scholarship, attend the workshop, and talk to companies that give money to college students. Do what you need to do and take advantage of what’s at your fingertips.” Student"Blazers Achieve made my son finally achieve academic success! What a wonderful program!" Parent

"I enjoy Blazers Achieve because everyone here is helpful and friendly. They help you understand your studies as well as make learning enjoyable. At Blazers Achieve, you not only learn but also have lots of fun. Blazers Achieve has helped me look into transfer options for other colleges, helped me with my assignments, as well as helped me to meet new people." Student

"I like the program and what it offers, and how accessible it is. It caters to the students really well." Student

"Thanks again! Couldn't survive college without Blazers Achieve!" Student

"It is a lifeline because students have and insider on campus that can help get things done." Student

"It is a group of encouraging people that are so nice. I've never had a bad experience. I love that they are flexible and positive." Student

“Blazers Achieve has helped me to the fullest. They have helped me mentally, physically, academically, and even financially. They pushed me to do the best for me and my daughter.” Student

“With 21st Century and other scholarships, I was able to fulfill my dream of getting my first college degree debt-free with the help of working with the Blazers Achieve program and an internship that gave me valuable experience in my field. My associates degree was earned with hard work and dedication, but in no way did I make it happen alone and I can’t thank my supporters enough.” Student