A student looking through a surveying camera

The Surveying Camp is structured in a way to allow campers to earn 1 college credit in SURV 187 Surveying Seminar. This credit can be used toward any Surveying Technology degree completion at Vincennes University or be transferable to other colleges. The instructional content of the workshops is sequenced to walk campers through the considerations and steps necessary to complete a project. In the final workshop of the camp, campers will have a completed project.

Each workshop will have multiple industry professionals assisting and guiding campers. This is a great format for campers to learn from potential employers about the different kinds of surveying, expectations and typical workflows of surveying employees, and develop connections for future internship and/or employment opportunities.

Campers will learn basic procedures and requirements for field note keeping, field reconnaissance of survey monumentation, and map making. They will learn how to operate and record measurements using automatic levels for determining elevations of various features. They will also learn how to operate and record measurements using total stations for determining horizontal positions of features. For the capstone project, campers will develop a survey plan and map based off of the instrument type they choose to work with. Field work will be completed in groups, with campers individually completing their own maps. The finished maps will be displayed in a virtual project show, along with a brief camper spotlight, which will be shared with the profession and public at large.

During the non-workshop portions of the camp, campers will get to experience what it would be like to attend Vincennes University as a student. Campers will live in a dormitory with roommates and attend the dining hall for meals. They will also get to participate in recreational activities using the available facilities on campus. All non-workshop portions of the camp will be chaperoned by current college students in the surveying program, which will provide campers with a well-rounded perspective from a real student aspect.

There is a tremendous amount of available employment opportunities in the surveying profession and will continue to be for years to come. This camp provides campers with an early and direct pathway into those.